Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Life's too miserable at this point of time.

I need a proper place to settle down. I need food, like proper food. I need to do things that i like, some say that's motivation or self actualization.

When we reached certain age, it seems like all these basic stuffs in life are harder to achieve. Things just don't went well as easy as ABC. I have a dream too, and I will just need to wait quietly in His promise and will. Before that, let all these suffering be a lesson for me.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A little bit of everything

"Possibilities" is the sweet girl next door who smiles to those that treat her well. While football is a little bit of skill, a little bit of strategy and a little of possibilities, it is obvious that L'pool failed to bring her to the game.

For being a traditional troupes, The Reds totally disappoint not only their fans but also their opponents. Magpie will be more than happy to compete with a better team, and of cause joy is already all over their stripes. Atmosphere of the resting room now must be terrified to the max, with KD ass on the line.

Well, blame game does not work but a little bit of morale support at least last Liverpool to the end of the season and at most extend their hand to the F.A Cup.

After all we can't put the blame on Dalg or Luis, they did shine during the early course of this season. Main reason is that players were so poor creating chemistry among each other, as KD brought in Downing, Henderson, Adam and 35mil-Andy, it seems brighter yet this is still a conundrum even until the end of the season.

The legendary 7 tried everything by commisioning different line-ups, be it the luxurious combination or playing the young gun. It does not work, it never works. I would say discipline to be the learning curve now, put down your pride and play like Swansea (at least). A football club gets nothing when their fans stop worshipping them, at this case The Kops are already tearing down the wall of their temple.

Back to the game, I pity them for being so aggressive in the first 10 minutes but bringing 0 point to the fixture. Starting from 10:01, it was a game of messy and ugly.

Papiss Demba Cisse heads in Newcastle's goal in the 19th minute

Tackles and challenges were all over the pitch, Newcastle ruled air possession while the tallest person on the field was against them, a 19th minute header that hit the net and broke their heart, poor defending line and a headbutt that leaved Liverpool's gate insecure for the following 3 games. April fool epic ends with Jose wearing the keeper's glove.

Let's steer away from blaming each other but pick up as much point as we can on the remaining games. It doesn't require a ticket to the European to establish a football club, is the manager, coaches, players and fans behind that constitute to that. If we are still hunger for victory, snatch that ticket through F.A cup. just stand up and keep going. You know you will never walk alone!

Monday, March 19, 2012

a painful life. what i am doing now exceeds my limitation. i am exhausted

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It hurts, to you or to me. I think patience is the solution now.IF you think the person is the right one that will accompany you forever

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy White Valentine Day :)

It has been quite a while, that you threw your temper and emotions to me. Well, for being a student once I deeply feel your pains. And I know it is quite pointless that you tell someone to walk out from their depression. Where experience would be a much more better teacher than me. Pillar of strength I wish I am but not the person who tear down your wall.

You are delighted when I pass you the black box that day, telling me that you will return me something for the sake of love. No, I am not pin pointing at your fault. Yes, I know I am not there today.

I grab hold your promise and that the main source of my severe damage. You said sorry over and over again, did you even realize how your words have broken my heart? I slept really late a day before, last night I am fighting my eyes to awake just to wake you up. If you are wondering, it was returned by your temper and coldness. You apologized, looking at them make me even more vulnerable and stun.

You don't think that your promise is important and probably you hate it when someone brought them out. Is that the way? You wanted trust, but you fail to respect the importance of your avowal.

I don't request a penny for a penny but at least a sincere message, a card, or something? Perhaps it is too hectic for you to kill your time by writing a card? How about compromise some time with your blue friend?

Would like to tell you that me too is having a tough period. Is not always flower and butterflies here. I am really devastated again and again by your actions.

I will need to apologize as I am not that good person that shares your burden and wipes away your sorrow.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frakkkk, hate it. Hmm.. but is not her business also wad.. Yahor! Keep it to myself :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Babe, i just don't get it. I am trying what i can on us. Would you appreciate that by contributing positive feedback? We are all baby when it comes to relationship, until your white hair ages. There are still much more to learn.